Hosting Terms

Please read these terms before subscribing to the ServiceTek Program.

❊Official Host - Clicks`n`Bricks Hosting is the official hosting service of the ServiceTek program.
❊Hosting Fees - The price of hosting the software is laid out in our Pricing Chart. Payments are processed using PayPal and are automatically charged based upon the term of service that is selected. Charges will begin 14 days after signup. You may cancel your account before the end of the 14 day trial without charge.
❊Technical Support - Technical support is provided for the ServiceTek program only. Support is provided by use of the Support menu selection and the request form. Requests are normally answered within a couple hours or less. At most requests will be handled no later than the next day. Phone support is not available but if the request does require further information you may receive a phone call. Requests that state something like "call me" will go to the very bottom of the support queue.
❊What is Not Supported - Technical support is provided for the ServiceTek program only. The program is what you see within the browser. Printers, web browsers, computer networks and any other device connected to your computer is NOT SUPPORTED. All printouts are passed to your computer's operating system for handling. They have been tested and found to work. 
❊Program and Server Updates - All official updates to the program will be performed on Sundays, unless the update is considered urgent, to lower the risk of interfering with the client usage of the program. Likewise all server updates will also take place on Sundays. Normally updates to the software and server take about 10 to 15 minutes.
❊Data Backups - Data is backed up every 2 hours and then automatically moved to another location.
❊Access - Our program is hosted using a controlled environment that is monitored at all times. We cannot guarantee that everything works perfectly at all times. To see how we are doing with our server access please check out our status page.
❊Privacy - In the course of maintaining and supporting the program, data stored on the server may be accessed. Please see our Privicy Statement.
❊We're Human - We do our best to make sure that things on our end are handled properly but we make no guarantees. We are not liable for any data loss, security issues or interruptions to use of the program.

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