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Software Designed for Mobile and InShop Repair and Service businesses.
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Program Features

Use from any internet connected computer, tablet or phone anywhere in the world.

Customer Relations Management

❊Send emails and text messages.
❊Readily see all customer activity.
❊Automate followups to make sure they happen.
❊See customer relationships.
❊Reports and charts to see what is needed to keep hard earned customers.
❊Google maps to easily identify the customers location.
❊Task lists and appointments specific to customers and system users.

Inventory Control

❊Tracking of item sales and volumns.
❊Track what is selling to make sure it stays in stock.
❊Easy addition of inventory items and quantities.
  ❊Warehouse inventory and multiple offsite locations.
❊Track inventory by location.
❊Keep inventory of uncounted items such as fasteners, screws and uncounted parts bins. 
❊See inventory activity with spreadsheets and graphs. 

Workorders and Invoices

❊Assign tech and appointment time at workorder entry. 
❊See all workorders, notes and hisory on a customer.
❊Enter a new customer and create a Workorder all at the same time. 
❊Enter work done and parts used in the workorder. 
❊Create a customer invoice from the workorder. 
❊Specific calendars for techs and customers . 
❊Business wide calendars fr easier scheduling.
❊Google maps to assist tech in finding service location. 
❊Easily accept multiple payment types at time of service.  

Comprehensive Reporting

❊All reports may be customized as needed.
❊Reports may be exported to PDF or Spreadsheets.
❊Reports are available with detailed or summary information.
❊Output results to a variety of graphs. Pie, Bar, Line and more.
❊Get report results that you can readily use.

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